SEO Content Writing Services: A Complete Overview

If you are here, you likely want to learn about certain SEO Content Writing Services or techniques. When anyone sets up a website, blog, or business they need to understand SEO.

SEO is exactly what it stands for, “Search Engine Optimization.” Now think of one thing, the sole purpose of writing something and publishing it online is for visibility.

This is true in any case, whether it is a commercial or non-commercial project. In any case, the whole point is to build an audience.

But that is only possible when Search Engines believe that you have quality content what people would want to actually see.

There are a few main things you need to keep in mind when you talk about SEO, especially as it is not a science with an exact answer. But rather an art.

Most Professional Content Writing Services will likely provide content that is optimized for SEO.

Now, let us move on to talk about what good SEO Content really does for you and how you can either create or identify the optimal content.

SEO Content Writing Services: What to look For

There are a few things that make content optimal for Search Engines. These things should be looked at in-detail when either identifying or building great content.

These factors help your search engine rankings improve and will draw more attention to your brand and website.

Here we go:

  • Essential Keywords for SEO
  • Content Quality
  • Article Length
  • Readability
  • Relevance

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, let us dive right into the nitty-gritty!

Essential Keywords For SEO!

When you plan to rank your pages on google you will likely need to research keywords for SEO. Although, many SEO strategies fail to realize that this is NOT the only thing.

Just to stress this in your mind, keywords is not enough to rank on search engines. Yes, they do help but it is just a part of a much larger piece of pie!

Sometimes people just overuse the keywords since they think it will help them out. But in reality, it doesn’t. In fact, it is hurting you.

A good piece of content has a keyword density of only 1-2%. Although most SEO strategies these days, seem to have completely forgotten about this, it remains to be very essential.

Here is what to keep in Mind:

  • Don’t target too many keywords at once.
  • Keyword Stuffing does more harm than good.
  • Use relevant keywords.
  • Keywords aren’t enough to rank your pages high.

Always Look for Quality Content!

What does quality content mean?

It means that the content is designed not only for Search Engines but also for the user. Let us look at this at a logical standpoint, rather than a technical one.

Search engines are designed for users, right? Then wouldn’t it make sense that it favors content that is beneficial to users themselves?

Quality Content Writing includes engagement, awareness of the audience, and the use of great literary techniques; which surpass that of your competitors!

Here is what to keep in Mind:

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Aim to impress your readers
  • Focus on reader’s convenience
  • Build Credibility

Best Article Length For SEO Explained!

What is the right article length? How do you pinpoint the best article length for SEO? This is a very important ranking factor. But like keywords, it isn’t everything.

For this, you need to take a look at your competitors. Once you pinpoint a keyword that you can build quality content around you need to open google and search the keyword.

Once you do this, open up the first 5 links that you see. Then get the word count of each page. Then you should calculate the average article length.

Then you have your ideal article length. Use that as a reference, and do 1 of 3 things, based on your resources and time.

Either surpass the highest by about 20%, match the highest, or hit the average word count. But what do you do if you think this article isn’t worth that much time?

Then you need to find another article of yours and give yourself a backlink to this one.

Here is What to Keep in Mind:

  • Lengthy articles are more likely to rank
  • The best article length for SEO can be derived from competition
  • Do not compromise quality for length
  • Length is not everything

Readability is Not Optional in SEO Content Writing Services

The fact needs to be carefully weighed when you wish to publish something on your blog or website. Readability does not mean your score on some tool!

Readability is for the sake of a user. When something is posted it probably serves a purpose. The purpose is more often than not to solve a reader’s issues.

Hence, you need to keep your content to the point, concise, and up to date. Readability is important because if the reader doesn’t understand they won’t read your work!

Here is What to Keep in Mind:

  • Write Short Paragraphs
  • Use Bullet Points
  • No Huge Walls of Text
  • Simple Vocabulary

Creating Relevant Content is Not Optional!

If it is not relevant then just don’t post it. There is no point. Creating Relevant Content is always essential to your brand.

This is not only about SEO but also about psychology. As you might already know, bounce rate is a big problem in SEO.

A user might see a catchy title and click on it, but what does he do the minute he realized that it is not relevant? He closes out.

When that happens too soon, your bounce rates will be very high, which in turn will reflect badly on your website from a google bot’s point of view.

Here is what to keep in mind:

  • If it’s not relevant it’s not worth it
  • It makes you seem more credible
  • It gives your potential leads a reason to work with you
  • More people will actually read it


With this, you would likely have gotten a good whiff of all the requirements that SEO Content writing often demands.

Hopefully, you would be able to create such optimized content for your website or at the very least learn how you can pinpoint the right SEO content writing!

If you need any assistance with your content requirements, Indian Content Writers is here to help, check out the section below!

Seo Content Writing Services: Rely on the Best

Many people are often on the hunt for professional content writing services but are unable to find the right fit.

How do you pinpoint content writing professionals and who can provide you with the best SEO content writing services?

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Why should I trust Indian Content Writers?

I  don’t mean to self-promote here, but we are a group with great expertise in the field of Content Writing and are quite proficient when it comes to the ranking webpage and general SEO.

How much do you charge?

Unfortunately, without further information, we cannot commit any price, but we assure you that we have a wide range of affordable content writing services. You can get in contact with us and pitch your budget, and from there we would be glad to help you out!

Is SEO Content Writing the only thing you offer?

Absolutely not! We provide content writing services as per your needs. We are a one-stop solution to all of your content requirements! Offering everything from web content to translation and transcription!

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