What are you Signing Up For?

Day 1: Introduction

A short brief about us and who we are whole providing you with information and techniques to create the best content.

Day 2: Formatting

You will learn basic formatting principles and ways to make your content look even more professional and eye-catching

Day 3: Research

Researching plays a vital role in content creation and we will make sure that you get a keen eye for detail.

Day 4: Word Count

Word management is extremely important in Content Writing. You must learn to write as per the given requirements.

Day 5: Plagiarism

Unique Content is the only content that is acceptable. Learn how to avoid plagiarism and produce quality content.

Day 6: SEO Basics

SEO is the essense of content writing, optimize your articles and learn how to use keywords effectively.

Day 7: Screening Test

The Screening test, the most important part of our Content Writing Course. This is not just any content writing course, this is one that comes with a placement opportunity. Given that you make the most of this course and we think you are ready to dish out professional content we will provide you with freelance content writing opportunities within our own organization.

The Indian Content Writers Content Writing Course

Why Choose us? There is not one, not two, but SIX reasons as to why this Content Writing Course is the best one out there!


You will enhance your skills every day with our course and even after completing it.


All the courses will be conducted at a time comfortable and convenient.


Our team will help and guide you throughout your journey with us.


SEO is the key to tailoring the perfect content for any website.


One of the most important parts of writing is keeping your audience engaged.


Maintaining originality while using the same information is highly necessary.

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Professional Writers


You will be able to bring your writing skills to the professional level. Indian Content Writers will help you refine your skills.

You can expect to get acquainted to the world of professional content writing and learn  become a freelance content writer.

Keeping in mind the one-on-one engagement as well as the time and resources that went into this course we charge a nominal amount of Rs. 500.

Our time is meant to help us better ourselves and our skills. With that, it is up to you as to whether or not you wish to perfect your abilities.

Yes, you will be receiving a certificate from Indian Content Writers upon the completion of this 1-week content writing course.

Just message us on Instagram @indian_content_writers then our representative will register you for the course.

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